Therapeutic Massage

Using Swedish massage, Deep Tissue techniques, Fascial work, Joint Mobilization and Stretching I facilitate injury recovery and correction of muscle imbalances. I work extensively with sciatica, limited hip mobility, shoulder injuries, low back pain and many other dysfunctions.

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Scar Tissue Work

Surgical scars may have negative effects on freedom of movement, and posture, and give “pins and needles” or numbing sensations. Utilizing techniques introduced by Sharon Wheeler (ScarWork), I soften scars, reducing their pulling sensations, and integrating them with surrounding tissue.

Minimum treatment time is 45min. Prices are as for regular massage treatment. Scroll down for price rates

Pregnancy Massage

It is a  joy to ease the aches and pains of future moms, while assisting them through this wonderful, yet challenging transition. Massage helps relieve fatigue and exhaustion, sciatica, back pain, and carpal tunnel, as well as other symptoms, which are common during pregnancy.

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Our Price List

Price List (Prices Include HST)

Regular Price (R) / Loyalty Price (L): today’s appointment is within 4 weeks of your previous one

30 min …..$60 (R) …..$60 (L)

45 min …..$77 (R) …..$72 (L)

60 min …..$95 (R) …..$88 (L)

75 min …..$115 (R) …..$110 (L)

90 min …..$132 (R) …..$127 (L)

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