Prenatal Massage

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How can Prenatal Massage help you through your Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a special time in a woman’s life. It can bring a lot of joy, but often not without challenges. Having prenatal massage throughout pregnancy will be beneficial to both you and your baby. It will help your body to release stress and tension, improve your sleep, and boost your energy levels. It will help you feel more whole again. If you have developed lower back pain, if you have increased upper back or shoulder tension, or if you suffer from general achiness and stiffness during this special time, we would encourage you to try pregnancy massage. You can also ask for gentle belly massage, your little one will appreciate this. 

Irina offers prenatal massages in the heart of Etobicoke village. She is a Registered Massage Therapist with 10 years of experience, and makes your care and comfort her priority.

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Is prenatal massage safe for you and your baby? 

Yes, pregnancy massage is safe for both you and your baby. Some practitioners suggest you wait until the second trimester. This recommendation is due to liability issues, and not due to health concerns or risks, as the chance of miscarriage is higher during the first trimester. 

Prenatal massage at CordovaRMT is done in a side-lying position, which is not only safe, but very comfortable. You will have two or three pillows to support you: one under your head, one between your legs and sometimes an extra one to wrap your arm around. 

Prenatal massage can help you with:

  • Relieving low back and shoulder tension
  • Reducing aches and pain in your muscles
  • Feeling relaxed and renewed
  • Improving blood and lymph circulation
  • Helping you sleep better at night
  • Improving your mood  

As a Registered Massage Therapist, serving the Etobicoke, Mississauga and Toronto community for the past 10 years, I see many moms-to-be that benefit from prenatal and postnatal massage to assist their body and its recovery after birth.

If you are having a C-section

If you are having or have had a C-section, you might be left with a scar which feels tight or pulls on the surrounding tissues. You may feel numbness or “pins and needles” around it. It often creates a lot of adhesions. It may skew proper muscle firing patterns during your workouts and your everyday activities. By using a technique called ScarWork, we can help your body restore its muscle integrity, reduce or completely eliminate pulling sensations, and help with numbness on and around the scar. Read more about work with scars in Scar Tissue Release Therapy section.  

“The first time I met Irina she asked very specific questions and quickly identified the issues I was having. It was a massage like I had never had before and for the first time in a long time I found relief. Fast forward almost 5 years later and I continue to see Irina on a regular basis for maintenance and new issues that creep up.”